Email from Cal Fire Battalion Chief Tim DeVos

I am reaching out to the Juniper Flat Fire Safe Council, The Greater Lake Shastina Fire Safe Council, and The Hammond Ranch Fire Safe Council with a request for information sharing in each of your respective areas of influence. Siskiyou County is off to a remarkably busy fire season. Since June 1 we have responded to 120 vegetation fires, this has me very concerned.We have had some significant wildland fires already in the county requiring assistance from resources, personnel and equipment from all across the state. Additionally, there are many fires burning across the state, which has caused us to commit a significant amount of personnel and equipment.
We are reaching a point of resource drawdown, meaning we are being challenged with available resources for new fire starts. The fuels have cured and the weather has been in Red Flag Warning status for the last few consecutive days. The grass crop this year is abundant and is causing our fires to grow big and fast. I am requesting that each of you pass the message along we need everyone’s cooperation to reduce the threat of any new fires. This would include to make sure nobody is mowing their lawn after 10:00 am, making sure that nobody burns debris piles illegally and just the overall awareness of the current fire situation. Thank you for your assistance in this critical matter.
Tim DeVos
Battalion Chief ~ B2613
Siskiyou Unit


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