Surviving wildfire – Part 3 of 3


  1. Locate your pets and keep them nearby. Have pet carriers, pet food and water ready.
  2. Prepare large animals for transport and be ready to move them to a safe location.

Returning home after a wildfire:

  • Be alert for downed power lines and other hazards.

What to do if you become trapped: In your vehicle:

  • Stay calm
  • Park your vehicle in an area clear of vegetation
  • Close all windows and vents
  • Cover yourself with a wool or cotton blanket or jacket
  • Lie on the vehicle floor
  • Use your cell phone to call 911

While on Foot:

  • Stay calm.
  • Go to an area that is clear of vegetation, a ditch or depression on level ground if possible.
  • Lie face down and cover up your body.
  • Use your cell phone to call 911.

While in your home:

  • Stay calm and keep your family together
  • Call 911 and inform authorities of your location
  • Fill sinks and tubs with cold water
  • Keep doors and windows closed but unlocked
  • Stay inside your house
  • Stay away from outside walls and windows

Getting information during an emergency:


If you have internet access you may be able to get information from your friends via email or social media.

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